About Vee
VEE (Virtual Economy Era) is the third project of Sunny King, creator of Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus. Its vision is to build a blockchain database cloud, which is a fundamental blockchain platform like ETH and EOS. The VEE mainnet has already been live!

Based on PoS, Sunny King further improved the blockchain consensus from a mathematical perspective with a brand new design called "Supernode Proof of Stake," or SPoS. Equipped with this efficient and solid fundamental layer, VEE blockchain platform is expected to start with very high TPS (transaction per second) and meanwhile keep the system performance stable. Furthermore, we believe that SPoS is what brings possibility for VEE’s decentralized database cloud.

Decentralized database cloud on VEE platform is designed as an industrial blockchain fundamental infrastructure. It provides sound solutions to industrial application scenarios including high concurrency, relation database, key-value pairs, big volume, efficient indexing and data security. Object data model specifically implemented in the VEE platform enables VEE to support more and more complicated and practical blockchain applications which are in high demands to database, such as finance, game, and social networks, etc. This feature would speed up the application migration from Internet to blockchain.

In order to accelerate the arrival of what VEE project initially advocates, the Virtual Economy Era, accessibility and developer friendliness are two of the very crucial features designed for VEE platform at the moment of its birth. Several other innovative features were also implemented so that application developers could be free of blockchain coding puzzles and solely focus on their business logic.

At it goes in VEE project White paper, “it is our vision that the future of blockchain is not only in a few billion dollar blockchains, but also in billions of blockchains as well to bring a new economic era to the world.”
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