Based on Sunny King's brand new SPoS consensus mechanism, VEE will create a self-governing virtual world by various tribes in the ecosystem. Supernodes and community VCoin holders play crucial roles in SPoS self-governance, equivalent to tribes of the virtual world. With the official launch of VEE Mainnet on September 19, 2018, the SPoS went live with 15 Supernodes. In order to make the network more robust and expand the ecosystem, VEE is going to launch the supernode minting partner program, which is benefited from the sufficient incentives designed by the SPoS portal for ecosystem participants.
Vcoin Ecosystem
Who Should be the Partner?
Partners including cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency communities and cryptocurrency exchanges with a large number of users could collaborate in the form of Supernode or ecosystem minting partner.
What’s the Benefit for Minting Partners?
If a partner candidate has enough support from VCoin holders, the partner can follow the SPoS consensus algorithm and become a Supernode to get rich minting rewards.

If a partner candidate who currently don't have enough VCoins to challenge and become a Supernode, the candidate can participate in the Supernode coin minting, and also receive high rewards.

According to the design of the SPoS consensus algorithm, participation in the Supernode minting will also receive a very large share of revenue.

To learn minting reward data, please visit our exloprer :
Support Provided by VEE Team for Minting Partners
Assist in related product design, including product consultation, technical implementation, etc.

Be a VEE ecosystem partner, and VEE team will help ecosystem partners to promote.

Assist partners in contacting SuperNode to negotiate
How to Apply
Who can Apply?
Do no evil, and contribute to VEE ecosystem.

Own support from a certain amount of VCoin holders, or have a clear plan to increase VCoin holders
How to Apply
Submit your application on the VEE official website. VEE will send detailed information to the applicant's mailbox after review, and provide specialized guidance.